Pebble in the shoe activity

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Pebble in the shoe activity


  • You have a pebble in your shoe for an entire day – from the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night
  • Do not disclose to anyone that you have a pebble in your shoe

Write up your feelings during the day –

  1. Was it aggravating?
  2. Did it impact you in any way?
  3. Create a story : example – you are a nurse working in the healthcare, were given opportunities for advancement, but you procrastinated and lost the opportunity, and is feeling a sense of regret or wished you had stop to think of the future when you were given that opportunity. Your story may be different but keep it health care related, As you design your story bare in mine question 4 in the focal part of the paper as well.
  4. What is your reflection on individuals who might have ‘invisible disabilities’
  5. No business Projects please.

Need one full page single space size 12 font for this paper.

Provide all relevant information following the rules above.

No cover sheet required.

No references.

Fiction or non-fiction


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