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Each team will present their proposal in class in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Think of your presentation as an opportunity to pitch your proposal by persuading your audience (namely, your instructor) of its soundness, especially with regard to the project management methodology you recommend using for the project.

The instructor may send questions to teams after a review of the proposal submitted. Teams should be sure to address those questions in some way in the delivery of their spoken presentations.

Release Plan:

The release plan for the project indicates the priorities that should be considered and the order of tasks to be completed for successful development of the product. The development process was divided into five sprints based on features and priority. The features were prioritized according to their complexity and functionality. The most preferred features that are essential in the operation of the product were categorized in sprint one, while the less important features were categorized in the later sprints.

The release plan is based on the sprints as a guideline of the start date and the end date of the product. Through this, we are able to determine the development of certain features by the release of a sprint and how they should be developed over a specific period of time. Based on the backlog, we determined that the release will be split into two phases based on prioritization of features based on time and planned budget.

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