Parable Lost Sheep Modern Adaptation

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I have to do presentation on Jesus and gospels parable adaptations

the parable adaptations I chose is: Lost sheep in John

first I have to read the original parable from the Bible than explain it .. one paper is Enough

and here the way to do from the professor :

Parable Adaptations

1. Choose two parables of Jesus from the four Gospels for adaptation.

2. Adapt the parables for today’s society .

3. Orally present the adapted parables in class.

4. A hard copy or an electronic copy to be presented to the instructor.

5. Submit one-page double spaced reflection on the parable, stating:

a) Why you chose this parable.

b) What the parable says to you.

c) One way in which you can apply the parable to your own life.

6. Guidelines for adaptation :

a) Use modern day illustration and relate to life today.

b) Retain the original meaning that Jesus was seeking to convey.

c) If parable is found in multiple Gospels, incorporate elements from each.

d) Be creative and construct your own parable story.

English is my second language so you can use simple words.

thank you.

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