Paper on employee Turnover in a public company

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For this assignment, select a company that is publicly traded. Please ensure that there is information available about this company online, so your instructor can become familiar with the organization. Then, please do the following:

  1. Examine potential reasons, regardless of industry, why turnover rates occur. Identify these reasons using scholarly and industry research.
  2. Identify industry competitors and explain how compensation and benefits differ among your organization and its competitors.
  3. Justify how your organization can increase employee retention efforts, through policy and process revision/implementation, by utilizing a preferred motivation theory/model.
    1. Note: Do not focus only on motivating employees through offering higher levels of compensation. Explain factors, in addition to compensation, that can improve motivation.
  4. Determine HR practices that would be impacted by these policy/process improvements.
  5. Make recommendations regarding how to best communicate change efforts to employees.

Written Paper

  • Write a three- to five-page paper, or about 1100 words, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
  • Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
  • Include a formal references page. This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our discussion forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
  • You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references, and you can include resources from this course.
  • The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these sources. You cannot use Wikipedia or any CSU-Global assignment. For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:
    • A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article.
    • A government-based website or publication.
    • A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and

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