paper about “Enrique’s Journey”

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Sonia Nazario,

Enrique’s Journey

(New York: Random House Trade Paperback Edition, 2007)


Please be sure to include a clear argument/thesis in the introduction.


Please use proper MLA citations when using a quote or paraphrasing. For example: (Nazario,

33). You must have at least one citation per paragraph.


It is clear in Sonia Nazario’sEnrique’s Journeythat she does not believe that separation between

mother and child(ren) is beneficial in the long run; even though she has no children of her own.

She highlights how mothers carry the tremendous guilt and responsibility to work enough to be

able to maintain their own living expenses, plus those of their children left behind. At the same

time, children left behind are left without the love of their mothers.

Do you agree or disagree with Nazario? Had it been Enrique’s father who left would we be so

critical of Lourdes’s choice? What about Enrique’s choice to leave as well? Every year,

thousands of immigrants, both male and female, parents and children, literally risk their lives to

make it to the U.S. They seek employment and once they secure it they work hard, and endure

every which sacrifice to save money so that their families back home can eat. What do you think

are the ultimate consequences of their choices to immigrate? Is undocumented immigration a

necessary evil?(My argument: Yes, it is) Be sure to provide the background to how Enrique is separated from his mother.

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