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  1. Paper 1: Argue whether the Pentateuch (the Torah) offers the reader hope in the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant or in the Mosaic Covenant? (1000–1200 words)

    Video: Getting Ready for the First PaperPaper Outline

    • Introduction: must end with a clear thesis statement.
    • Body Paragraphs: each paragraph must defend a part of the thesis and begin with a topic sentence that clarifies the relationship between the paragraph and the thesis statement.
    • Conclusion: must begin with the same thesis statement and follow with a summation of your argument

    Paper Reminders

    • Write clear and complete sentences.
    • Write paragraphs that flow from thought to thought.
    • Make sure that the subject and verb of each sentence agree.
    • Make sure that you use the same tense throughout your work.
    • Please read your paper aloud before submitting it.

    What is a thesis statement?

    • A thesis statement is your claim that answers the question being asked.
    • It should be the final sentence of your introduction.
    • The rest of your paper, that is, the body paragraphs must be designed to defend your thesis statement.
    • The thesis statement (and the paper itself) needs to be written in active voice, not passive.

    What is a topic sentence?

    • A topic sentence defines what a body paragraph will talk about and how that paragraph will help defend the thesis.

    What makes an argument and a paper good?

    • It defends the thesis with credible and persuasive evidence.
    • The best evidence always comes from the source itself. In this case, the best evidence derives from the biblical text.
    • It is written with complete sentences that have proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax.
    • It has proper transitions from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.
    • It has an introduction that prepares the reader to understand the the thesis and the argument.
    • It has a conclusion that restates the thesis, summarizes the argument and provides one final application.
    • It footnotes all non-biblical references according to Turabian standards. Please do not use endnotes.
    • It uses parentheticals for all biblical references: (Gen 12) or (Gen 13:1) or with an exact quote of a particular translation (Gen 15:6 NASB).
    • If one if needed, it has a bibliography on a separate page formatted according to Turabian standards.

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