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Open and read assignment. 

Please follow instructions in the final paper accordingly. It must be followed by the EXACT instructions. There will be moderate reading with this assignment, which is provided as in uploaded file. The assignment is based of the two chapters given, so they must be read start with chapter 18 for part one of the assignment, then chapter 17 for part two. The last part is part three, please read and aswer. Again, please follow exactly what the assignment is asking.

This paper should be 8 – 10 pages in length, using APA style and
should cite references as necessary, not less than 6
. Along with using the chapter (18) for part one,
and (17) for part two. Additional references should come from the internet only,
so I can access and read the literature. It should include a title page and table
of contents as necessary, and reference page (these are not part of the 8-10 pages of content).

I will not be able to accept anything other than what the instructions entails for this assignement. So, please read carefully, follow instructuctions thoroughly NO PLAGIARISM..

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