Organizational Funding

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Question CXU5A

Write an explanation of how your organization is funded. In your explanation, address the role of funding organizations in determining the goals of your chosen organization. Then, explain the mechanisms that are in place to allow funders to evaluate how programs are implemented by the organization align with its overall goals. Explain how funders determine whether the programs implemented by the organization align with its overall goals.

Question CXU5B

Write (600–800 words)

Write a paper addressing the following points:

Explain how your organization is governed.

Explain the institutional framework for making and implementing decisions.

Explain the procedures your organization follows in its strategic planning.

Explain who is ultimately responsible for directing and implementing strategic plans.

Explain how your organization follows the Results Based Management model. If it does not follow the model, explain how it can be benefitted by following the model.

Explain the system your organization uses for evaluating “success” for the organization. If it does not use one, explain how it can be benefitted by using one.

Explain how your organization’s mission lends itself to a results-oriented management strategy.

Explain what data your organization provides that stakeholders can use to evaluate the success of the organization.

Your paper should follow the standard academic essay format and it should clearly tie the answers to the listed questions together into a single line of reasoning that discusses your organization’s methods for making and evaluating decisions.

Question CXU6

Write a Blog Entry describing the best way to evaluate the organization you have selected for your Final Project. Your target audience for this Blog Entry is your group’s stakeholders. Your Blog Entry should clearly explain to them why the standard of evaluation you have chosen will ensure that the organization meets their goals. For more information about posting your blog.

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