Option A: My Favorite Greek God or Goddess Mini-Poster The “My Favorite Greek God or Goddess” poster must include the following: the Greek and Roman name for the god or goddess,powers the god or godd

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Option A:  My Favorite Greek God or Goddess Mini-Poster

The “My Favorite Greek God or Goddess” poster must include the following:

  • the Greek and Roman name for the god or goddess,
  • powers the god or goddess possesses,
  • what the god or goddess rules over or controls,
  • any symbols associated with the god or goddess,
  • a description of their Family: such as their parents, siblings (brothers/sisters), children, and significant other i.e., wife, husband,
  • celebrations: Are there/were any festivals to celebrate this god/goddess? If so, describe these celebrations, how, and when were these celebrations carried out?
  • a thoroughly researched well-written summary of at least one myth associated with the god or goddess.
  • At least one picture of the god/goddess, if you want to include more pictures associated with the god or goddess that would be great!
  • an explanation of why you chose this god or goddess and any other interesting facts.

How to construct your poster:

You may use any application you wish to create the mini poster. Mini posters may be created using Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word, Google applications, or free poster creator software available online. I am providing a list of free software which may be used to create posters. These websites have free poster templates which can be easily edited and shared with me. Just select one of the software options below and create a free account to get started.

My favorite software is Venngage. To generate a URL web link that is shareable in Canvas, you will need to publish your completed project before copying the URL into your Canvas submission link. Electronic software generally saves work automatically and has a 3 -5 project limit for free accounts.

Note: when using electronic software such as Venngage, be sure to keep all written text and images on the electronic page so that I can see all content.

Suggested free software:

Venngage: https://venngage.comLinks to an external site.

The assignment may be submitted by URL in Canvas by selecting “Publish from your Venngage template, then creating a name for the poster, and copying the generated URL Venngage link into your Canvas URL submission link.

To search Venngage for a similar template, first, create a free account, then search for free templates by selecting the Free plan option.

Canva:  https://www.canva.com/Links to an external site.  Links to an external site.

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. Just drag and drop to design with custom templates. Create a free account and get started


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