one and half page double spaced case study on Paul Keller Case

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Directions: After viewing the Paul Keller case documentary (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., please address the following questions:

1) As a defense attorney for the Keller case, could you make an argument for a biological basis to explain the criminality of Paul Keller?

2) In your opinion, was Paul Keller “born” a psychopath? Why or why not?

3) As noted in the documentary, Paul Keller was sentenced to 107 years in prison. Do you agree with this sentence? Why or why not? If not, what sentence do you believe should have been imposed given the severity of the crimes?

4) Given the early onset of antisocial behavior with Keller in childhood, should his parents have done anything different? Why or why not?

5) Does the Paul Keller case serve as a good template for a criminal case that can defer to a biological basis to explain criminality? Explain.

Given the depth of this case and the subject matter, your summary should be a minimum of one (1) content page however please remember that the more substantive and detailed all work, the more credit it will receive.

dont forget to include any reference if you used any, including the documentary if you are using any descriptions from it.

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