OM Paper office depot (7 pages)

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OM Paper Outline (OFFICE DEPOT (I will provide an example to how this essay needs to be written)

  • Header with your name and date delivered to me as final
  • Addressed to Mr. Delaney, Instructor MNGT 377
  • One pgf. high level summary (Executive Summary)
  • Background of the OM paper and enterprise
  • Where name & location, who, when details
  • What you saw, did, heard, observed
  • What you were told, if relevant
  • Strategic and/or OM broad view
  • Relevant graphics using OM tools
  • Explain the graphics and why they are relevant
  • I may ask to see your notes
  • Final Summary (one to three paragraphs)

The OM Analysis Paper (OFFICE DEPOT)

  • Overall paper value for content up to 75 pts.
  • Hardcopy turned in at end of class; professionally prepared; layout, spelling, grammar, punctuation i.e. page #s are important to me
  • OM analysis using computer graphics (Excel is OK) – no handwritten graphics
  • Paper due date Apr. 8th by end of class
  • No papers accepted after Apr. 15th, 2020 end of class (0 pts. Credit)
  • Length – 7 pgs. (1 ½ “ spaced)
  • Must include three OM analysis tools i.e. graphs, measurements, project template, spreadsheet, detailed observations
  • Write up where you went, who you met with, what you observed, what you did, how you did the OM analysis
  • Summarize final paragraphs with recommendation for the enterprise
  • Document interview date(s)
  • Document tour/observation date(s)
  • Attach receipt copies from restaurants/hotels/ shops, wherever as available
  • Turn in a business card once you have a commitment from the company
  • Strongly suggest discussing your plan with me during my office hours several times before Feb. 12th 2020 … if I don’t see you I will contact you on your cell that evening
  • If you work with a team partner then you must cover different areas of the enterprise. Duplicate papers are not accepted.
  • Thank you for adhering to these guidelines – I may ask to see your notes.

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