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Watch video in Youtube OJ SIMPSON PAROLE HEARING (FULL) Because of the significance and the overall civic interest, I have created a discussion forum for the parole board hearing that took place in the State of Nevada regarding O. J. Simpson who was paroled from a 33 years sentence for armed robbery after serving only nine (9) years. For some of you students who may not have been born yet or were very young children, he was a famous football player and accused of the vicious murder of his wife and her male friend Ron Goldman for which he was acquitted (found not guilty) after a very lengthy and highly controversial public trial in 1995.

-Welcome to O. J. Simpson’s Parole Board Hearing discussion point. This forum is open for discussion and questions if you have any. Obviously, this is significant because it is real world events that may in fact relate to the semester writing assignment with Matthew Carpenter. I will attempt to answer any questions that may arise or listen to comments.

Comment to video around 150 words and ask questions regarding this video.


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