Objective(s) :

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  • to show the prevalence of business ethics issues in our society and how difficult they can be to resolve
  • get students using the skills/terms acquired in this class to analyze “real life” contemporary business ethics situations



  • for 20 points post up an interesting business ethics issue/dilemma in the appropriate Discussion on Canvas
  • post up an issue that is not a slam dunk case of wrongdoing: post a case that is “morally ambiguous”—one that can be seen from many angles
  • leave a link to an online article/story and then briefly summarize the issue you have selected
  • then analyze the issue: basically, show the different ways of seeing the issue
  • try to be a neutral reporter; it is natural to lean to one side and it’s okay to indicate that, but try to steer clear of moralizing
  • relate the issue to material you have been exposed to in this class: course notes, Power Points, and assigned readings
  • refer to the theories and authors from our class textbook
  • to get the other 10 points, respond in a substantive and meaningful way to two classmates: it’s fine to compliment what they have written, but I also want you to

    be constructively critical
  • comment—in two full paragraphs— directly on what your classmate wrote; and say what your own thoughts on the issue that they raise are



  • post up your issue/dilemma in the appropriate Discussion on Canvas; cut and paste it into the body of the discussion rather than attaching it as a document
  • length: 1 to 1.5 pages single-spaced
  • 11-point Times New Roman font
  • Include an informal works referenced/cited page

I need to write about any article that its related with ethical issues.


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