nursing philosphy

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Write a discussion post in atleast 400 words- part 1. Part 2 and 3 IN 200 words response.

PART 1. Write a brief summary of how your personal nursing philosophy relates to one of these concepts: managing personal change, decision making, time management, setting priorities, or setting professional boundaries. Any knowledge and skills you have included in your nursing practice as a result of this course? What are your “ahas” from the course?

Part 2. To avoid burnout, I try to stay organized at work as well as at home. I’ve often been asked how I get so much accomplished in one day, but I have learned over the years to manage my time and stay organized. I have also learned that rushing to work will only lead to more stress on the job, so I arrive at work at least 20 minutes early. If I’m in charge I go in even earlier. I find it easier to concentrate and set up assignments when I don’t have all the nurses there yet. I can then help the nurses start their days and begin some of my tasks so I don’t feel as though I’m in a rush. A few years ago my manager agreed with me and asked the charge nurses to clock in 15 minutes early, so they can make assignments prior to the nurse’s arrival. We also recently acquired hospital phones, which have alarms and timers. I have started using my timers for setting medication times, as well as timers for checking patients and rounding.This course has taught me how to analyze articles and any biases that the author may have. In the past I never looked at the authors background or researched the author. I also didn’t look at the amount of people in a study, if it was significant number of participants, or weather the environment was controlled.My “aha” moment was learning about the culture of safety. I have seen in my own hospital that trust is lacking and many health care workers believe that error reporting will be held against them. I believe a culture of safety, one in which focus is not on the error made but rather what went wrong, would help to establish a safer work environment (Masters, 2017, p. 209).

PART 3. The main focus of my personal nursing philosophy is the health and well-being of my patients and most importantly their safety. My patients will always be my number one priority. It is important for me to prioritize the needs of my patients while maintaining the safest environment possible for them while they’re under my care. I may have multiple patients to care for when I walk onto the unit so it is pivotal that I prioritize the care I provide them based on their individual needs while ensuring their environment remains safe. This requires me to build a trusting relationship with not only my patients but their families as well. In prioritizing, there may be times I need to ask for help from coworkers or provide assistance to coworkers in order to maintain the safest environment for all the patients on the unit.

I have learned in the last few weeks to become a more effective team member. I am communicating better with my coworkers and I have even encouraged them to do the same. We do not hesitate to do what we need to as a team for the safety and well-being of our patients, but I have definitely noticed an improvement over the last few weeks with communication and teamwork as I continue to apply what I learn in the workplace and share my new knowledge with my coworkers as well.

I have had a couple of “aha” moments during this course. The first one came when I was putting my personal nursing philosophy in writing and I realized that there were moments that I struggled with following it completely. This could be in part because it is easy to forget to apply every piece of the puzzle everyday, or it could be because just like positivity, negativity is contagious. I had a couple of moments where I did get caught up in what was going on around me. It was when I submitted that assignment that I realized I was not following my morals and beliefs completely and I needed to apply my philosophy each and every day. Since that day, I have done just that and I am very pleased with who I am as a nurse.

The second “aha” moment happened because of our evidence-based research. I realized very quickly that there are a couple of evidence-based interventions that we could incorporate in the workplace to help our patients. I just need to find the right way to present information to the facility in hopes that they will be open to the change.

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