Number 6 is the main question rest are instruction

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2. Use the following websites to find your deviance article:,, or If you can’t find an appropriate article at these websites, most any other online news source can be used. Please note that YAHOO NEWS is NOT allowed because the information, content, and writing are professionally and academically very poor.

3. DO NOT just pick ANY article on criminal justice. Select an article that has to do with deviant behavior and criminal justice.

4. Specifically, focus on articles in this module that focus on the following question: Can deviant behavior and criminal behavior be separate and distinct actions?

5. Document where you found the current event article by properly resourcing the article using the APA format (if you do not know what the proper APA format is, you may want to check out Purdue’s Owl site for a reference,

6. Address the following question: What is going on in the news this week that is related to this module (i.e.. what is deviance?) Explain how and why the current event is related to this module.

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