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please use the information from the windsheild survey and answer the question in the file labelled community resource in a powerpoint format

Community Resources 

Identifies a minimum of two community partners or agencies that can serve as resources for carrying out the proposed interventions. 

• Includes an evidence-based rationale for why the community partner or agency is the ideal partner for the proposed interventions. 

• Identifies specific resources at the community partner or agency that can be used by the community or population. 

• Describes websites or other electronic sources that provide support for the proposed intervention.

Questions to Address

Housing (Aisha A)

· What is the age and condition of housing in the neighborhoods you’re surveying?Are houses and apartment buildings kept up, or are they run-down and in need of repair? Are yards neat or overgrown?

Most of the houses in the area were built in the late 1800s so these homes are not very modern but are not in terrible condition. The overall condition of houses and apartments in the area are different to each neighborhood. One area is kind of run down and the yards seem slightly overgrown. The other neighborhood in the area looks to be kept up with the yards being neat. Overall, the houses all have the similar design but are very diverse in the condition of the houses.

Other buildings (Aisha A)

· Are the buildings mostly or fully occupied? Do public and commercial buildings seem accessible to people with disabilities – ramped, street level entries, etc.?

Most of the buildings in the area are occupied with some housing that is for sale. Public and commercial buildings are in good condition allowing open access to the public. The buildings have a street level entrance with some buildings having ramps for those with disabilities. Although not every building is accessible to people with disabilities, the park does have a ramp accessible to those with disabilities.

Public spaces (Aisha A)

· Are there public spaces where people can gather? Are they well kept up?

Yes, there is a park in the neighborhood that is pretty well kept. The overall population can use this area for activities as it is open to the public. When surveying the area the diverse population was seen gathering at the park to walk their pets, participating in activities, and exercising. There is even a pond area that is the highlight of the park’s attractive scenery.

· Do they have seating areas, trees and plants, attractive design, cafes or food vendors, or other features meant to encourage people to use the space? Who uses these spaces? Is there diversity?

The area has several areas of seating for people to rest. The area has an attractive design with natural scenery such as trees and plants that seem to be well cared for. There are also several areas for the population to get food as well as cafe areas near the park. For example there is Union Cafe, Insomnia Cookies, Shake Shack, and several other restaurants and cafes in the area.

Higher education (Aisha A)

· Are there two- and four-year colleges and/or universities in the community? Where are they located? Do they seem open to the community, or do they seem self-contained and isolated?

The area has both a two and four year colleges as well as a University in the community. The four year college in the area is Columbus State Community College. This college is 1.5 miles away from the park and is open to the community. This college was built for community education and does not have any limits on who can attend. The University in the area is Franklin University which is known to be quite a prestigious school and is 1.7 miles from the park. This university does seem more isolated and not as open to the community as they have more requirements for those who can attend.

Parks (Aicha F)

· Are parks used by a variety of people? People of all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, the old, young, and the middle along with their furry friends make use of the park.

Are they well kept up
? The park is well maintained, there were no trash on the ground, trash cans are available and in site. Clean enough for park goers to lay on the grass, have their picnics on the tables, sit and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. Except that we did come across an aftermath of a large tree branch that had fallen during the heavy and windy rain days prior.

· Are there sports facilities – basketball courts, soccer pitches, baseball fields, cricket pitches, etc.? There are some sports facilities: basketball court, and tennis court are the only two sports facilities present.

· Are they used at night? The park’s hours are from 7am to 11pm. The non-sports are accessible during the nighttime being that the park does not have a gate to clock the entire ground. The sports court or yards are locked at 11pm.

Public transportation (Aicha F.)

· Is there a functioning public transportation system? The COTA bus, and electronic scooters, are the public transportation vesicle available to the community.

· Is it well used? By whom? They are used by those who do not have their own personal rides/ car, or are able to afford taxis, Lyft and/ or Uber or those who do not want to drive their motor vehicle.

· Does it allow relatively easy access to all parts of the community? The E-scooters can be taken from any point in site if available, to the doorstep of the next destination. Riders drop them off however and wherever they want. Whereas the COTA bus has stop stations and riders would walk from the bus stop to their final destination.

· How easy is it to navigate and use? The E-scooters are very easy to use for those who know how to stand for long and maintain their balance on a moving scooter. However, a credit or debit card is required for the use of the scooters. The COTA bus on the other hand can either be ridden using a monthly bus pass or pay per ride with cash.

· How much does it cost? The E-bikes cost $2.25 to unlock and an additional $0.15 per minute. The COTA bus costs $2/ ride or a monthly unlimited charge of $62. Are its vehicles energy-efficient? Both COTA buses and E-bikes are energy efficient/ environmentally friendly.

Traffic (Aicha F)

· How heavy is traffic in the community? Traffic is not so heavy in the area being that it is primarily a residential area.

· Is it mostly commercial and industrial – vans, trucks, etc. – or mostly private cars? This area consists of primarily personal or privately owned transportations and bikes. With the area being primarily residential and the fact that we did not observe any commercial vehicles, I would assume that commercial transports are very limited in the area if any does drive through.

· Is there ever gridlock? There are no gridlocks in the area. I suppose this is because the speed limits are well respected with little to no accidents which would not require the need for a gridlock to be installed.

· Is there much bicycle traffic? There are lots of bike riders in the area: person bikes and the city E-bikes. Are there bike lanes? There is not a designated bike lane for bikers only. Rather, they share the same lane as motor vehicles. Are there bike racks in many places? The E-bikes can be parked practically anywhere. As for those with personal bikes, I did not observe any bike racks in the park, but there are several throughout the neighborhood.

Public schools (Aicha F)

· Are schools in different neighborhoods in noticeably different states of repair? There are public schools and academies including Columbus community college within close driving distances from the park. The Hubbard Elementary School is the nearest, only a couple of blocks away. The schools in the neighborhood are not under any construction or repair process

· Are schools well maintained? From the exterior view, the school is well kept. The buildings are constructed of brick, a more older and/ or traditional building.

Culture and entertainment (Ashley)

· Are there museums, libraries, theaters, restaurants, clubs, sports stadiums, historic sites, etc.? There is a Non-profit gallery exhibiting called Pizzuti collection of the Columbus Museum of art located less than 128 ft from Goodale park. There is a very interesting picture of the Mona Lisa mural that was done by Brian Clemon located 0.3 mi. There were not any theaters around Goodale park, but there were many restaurants all round the park. The restaurants range from health choices food like the North Market to convenience food like Chick-fil-a, and Taco bell. If you want to have some fun, this is the area to be, it seems to be very friendly with clubs, and sports bars. The William McKinley Memorial is the closest historic site, it is about 1.1 mi from the park. The Huntington park baseball stadium is 0.6 mi.

· Are they accessible to all parts of the community (centrally located, reachable by public transportation)? YES

· Do they reflect the cultures of community members? Yes

Infrastructure (Ashley)

· What is the condition of roads, bridges, sidewalks, etc.? The condition of the roads was fair, i would say it needs some improvement. Some parts of the road were bricked, while other parts were cement. The sidewalks were in good condition.

· Are there differences in these conditions from one area of the community to another? NO

· Do all parts of the community seem to be equally served by electricity, water, phone, fiber optic, wastewater treatment, waste disposal, and other infrastructure services? YES

Community and public services (Ashley)

· Are there identifiable community service providers and organizations in the community – mental health centers, food banks, homeless shelters, welfare offices, etc.? There is a mental health center located on North high st about 1.4mi, The Coalition For The Homeless And Housing In Ohio – Food Distribution Center is 1.1mi, and the Job and service welfare offices is about 1.6 mi from the park

· Are they concentrated in a particular area? yes

· Are they easy to reach by public transportation? Yes

Community safety (Ashley)

· Where are police and fire stations located? There is the Columbus Police station on West 3rd ave, which is 1.4ml from Goodale park. There are two fire stations that are close to the park. The first closet fire station is o.4 ml on North 4th st, and the second one is on west 3rd ave.

· Are they in good repair? YES

· Is the community well-lit at night? YES

Streetscape (Jessica)

· The streetscape is the environment created by streets and the sidewalks, buildings, trees, etc. that line them. Are there trees and/or plants? Are there sidewalks? Are building facades and storefronts attractive and welcoming? Are the streets and sidewalks relatively clean? Are there trash cans? Is there outdoor seating?

Yes, the park located in this community offers plenty of trees/plants and greenspace, there

are sidewalks that are kept up with. Down the road a bit are a bunch of businesses and

restaurants that are all well kept and welcoming. Everything is clean, there are occasional

trash cans around and also outdoor seating areas (benches, outdoor dining tables.)

Street use (Jessica)

· Are there people on the streets at most times of day? In the evening? How late? Do they interact with one another? Are streets and sidewalks well lit at night?

There are people around mostly during daytime hours and occasionally people at night

(more so at night on the weekends or events around downtown/the park.) all

throughout the night. During the day people interact with one another, mostly from what

I saw were groups eating at the park together or people bringing their dogs to play

together. Streets and sidewalks are well lit except for a couple of areas in the park.

Commercial activity (Jessica)

· What kinds of businesses are there? Are there boarded-up or vacant storefronts? Is there a mix of large and small businesses? Are there grocery stores and supermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores that provide necessities in all parts of the community?

Businesses around are mostly bars and restaurants with occasional boutique types of stores and general business offices. None in the area are boarded up and almost all storefronts are occupied. There is a mix of businesses. The closest grocery store is a mile away but there are gas stations that sell grocery items. There is also a CVS pharmacy in the area. These provide some necessities except for healthier food options that would be at a grocery store.

Signs (Jessica)

· What languages are business signs in? Are traffic signs informative? Are there signs directing people to various parts of the community (downtown, museums, highways, etc.)?

Languages are in English. Traffic signs are basic signs that show one ways/stops/parking, more directive signs can be seen just outside of the neighborhood directing traffic to freeways/roads/campus/downtown/etc.

Industry (Elizabeth)

· What kinds of industry exist in the community? Does it seem to be causing pollution?

There is a nationwide building and an AEP building. There are several businesses and a neighborhood outside of the park. There does seem to be pollution in the downtown area

Land use (Elizabeth)

· How much open space is there? How are residential, commercial, and industrial areas distributed? Do major roads or railroad tracks divide neighborhoods, or are they on the edges of the community?

There is residential, commercial and industrial on each side of the park. There are just roads that divide the neighborhood from the park. You can see the interstate from the park. There is plenty of open space at the park, but not so much in the community.

Environmental quality (Elizabeth)

· How much usable green space is there, and is it scattered throughout the community? Is there smog or haze? Does the air smell of smoke, garbage, car exhaust, chemicals, industrial waste, etc.? Does the water in streams, ponds, lakes, etc. seem reasonably clear?

The park has a lot of usable green space, but it’s not scattered through the community. There’s a lot of buildings such as churches, businesses and homes. There is smog, but does not smell of garbage, chemicals, and waste. There was not any evidence of trash or litter in the park.

Differences among neighborhoods or areas of the community (Elizabeth)

· What are the differences among different parts of the community? Are schools, stores, public and other buildings, streets, etc. in different areas in different condition? Do some areas seem neglected, while others are clearly maintained?

There are public and other buildings on the streets. It seems like everything is in good condition and does not seem neglected. It looks like everything is well maintained, however the grass is long. Public buses, scooters, and taxis were driving around. There was no litter on the streets. There are schools, stores, and other buildings. They were not in walking distance, though.

Race/ethnicity (Farrah)

· Who lives in the community? There are a mix of ethnicities within this community.

· Are there identifiable racial and ethnic groups? Yes

· Do particular groups seem to live in particular areas? No

Faith communities (Farrah)

· What kinds of religious institutions are there? Greek, Catholic, Nondenominational, Ethiopian Orthodox, Presbyterian, Korean, Methodist

· Do the institutions of one particular religion or sect dominate? There are a couple of Catholic churches, whereas there are only one institute for other religions.

· Are there separate houses of worship for people of different ethnicities or races, even if they share the same faith? Yes

Health services (Farrah)

· How many hospitals and clinics are there in the community? There are 7 in total

· Where are they located? Within a 2 mile radius from location

· How big are they? Most of them are hospitals which can accommodate many patients, but very few clinicals easily accessible to the community nearby.

· How easy are they to get to? Easy access with interstate and back road access

Political activity (Ivy)

· Are there signs or other indications of political activity? Yes there is an indication of political activity in the neighborhood. Some residents had President Badien pic in front of their patio, others had Trump pic too. Is it clear that political activity is allowed and/or encouraged? Yes political activity is encouraged in the community hence there were various political flags by their houses.Are there protests or demonstrations? No protests and demonstration at the time of survey

Community organizations (Ivy)

· What evidence is there of organizations in the community? There was no evidence of community organization. They have social networks such as facebook ,tweeter and instagram. Are there service clubs – Lions, Elks, Masons, etc.?No On the street there are not a lot of advertisements, however, the neighborhood has a website that announces upcoming events, as well as anything that has to do with the neighborhood. Are there other organizations – centered around community issues, the environment, sports or leisure pursuits, socialization, etc.?No, however, there is a park where people commute to have picnics and other activities with their family. There is a music concert every weekend held at the Goodale park. There is a playground for children to go have fun as well.

Media (Ivy)

· Are there local media outlets – radio and TV stations, newspapers, Internet sites devoted to local issues? There are no radio or TV stations, they have facebook, instagram and twitter where communication is done. Are they independent, or are they sponsored or run by the government or corporations?The residents are pretty much independent. Where are their facilities? Goodale Columbus

The “feel” of the community (Ivy)

· What is your overall impression of the community? I feel the community is a quiet and decent neighborhood with residents living their lives and going about with their business. There are a lot of fun and recreational places to visit.

· Overall, I do like the atmosphere of the environment. There is something there to do and enjoy for everybody. With the park being located in a residential area and accessible by many other means of transportations. There is also less pollution in the area as the commercial vehicle traffic was limited when we were there. The idea of having a festivity in the park for the community is wonderful.


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