Non-Muslim Terrorist Groups

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All of the attention that terrorist acts by Muslim extremists get in the press may lead one to believe that they have a monopoly on the act of terrorism. They do not. In fact, they do not commit anywhere near the majority of terrorist acts in the U.S. In order to fully understand the impact of terrorism upon law enforcement, and to keep from becoming deceived into believing that Muslim extremism is the only problem, it is imperative to investigate these other forms of terrorism.

Return the scenario in which you are the captain of your local police municipality. During a staff meeting this week, some of the other members made offhand comments as to the extent, and media coverage, of religious-based terrorism in the world. They mentioned that it seems that Muslims are the predominate terrorists. Having studied the concept of terrorism thoroughly, you know that while the current attention is on extremists that advocate for Islam, they are neither the spokespersons for all Muslims nor are they the only terrorist threat law enforcement must be prepared for. After you shared this information with the group, to make sure that they do not develop a fear of Muslims in general, the command staff expressed an interest in the terrorist organizations that were not associated with Islam and asked if you would provide them with information for discussion and debate.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Give examples of three non-Muslim/Islamic, domestic terrorist groups.
  • Describe the motivations, tactics, and scope of the threat of the three identified groups.
  • Illustrate the threat the three identified groups pose to U.S. law enforcement.
  • Identify law enforcement tactics and policy (one of each) needed to deal with these groups.

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