Need help writing a Scientific report.

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I am putting the instructions here and uploading my few surveys that I did. My subject is: Electronic records vs. Paper records. I am uploading a couple examples of a paper someone did and the format it needs to be as. 

Connection to Student Learning Outcomes: This assignment allows you to demonstrate an ability to conduct research following formal academic formats. It also affords you another opportunity to use writing strategies appropriate for identified audiences. In this assignment, you will have to analyze information and ideas, applying them while creating the Scientific Report by incorporating research findings and discussion the meaning of your findings. You will synthesize information using the IMRAD approach. Your sources of information will be primary.

The Scientific Report’s Purpose: The Scientific Report is an assignment requiring you to make connections between your research findings and your initial hypothesis. The Scientific Report is a paper following the IMRAD format, a common format used in most sciences to report one’s findings on some research question. Read the links to find out more, and once you have chosen a research question that can be answered through primary research, let me know before beginning by sending me your research question and your hypothesis by e-mail. This is an assignment you CANNOT wait until the last minute to begin, as it is a series of efforts that cannot be completed in one or two days. If you have specific questions about this assignment, send me an e-mail.

Your hypothesis can be supported or negated. It doesn’t matter. If you find your hypothesis is negated by your research findings, that‘s fine! You should discuss what led you to believe your hypothesis would be correct and why it was not. If your hypothesis turns out to be supported by your research findings, that‘s fine, too. Discussion of findings is extremely important in this assignment, so do not neglect it.

You do not have to include an Abstract.

Scientific Report-example.docx student-example.docx SURVEY-Fast food.docx SURVEY-Home health.docx SURVEY-Mental Health.docx SURVEY-Nursing home.docx 

You must write complete sentences in Standard written English. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors will cause you to lose points.

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