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Probation and parole are mutually exclusive alternatives to incarceration. Probation is a sentence that the offender, rather than being incarcerated, is retained in the community under the supervision of a probation agency and is required to abide by certain rules and conditions to avoid incarceration.Parole is a release from prison, at the discretion of a parole board or other authority, before the completion of the prisoner’s entire sentence. Parole requires prisoner community supervision – adherence to rules and conditions of parole – upon release from prison. The time length of probation and parole can vary.

Activity Instructions
For this assignment create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the following:

  • Parole
    • Types of parole release and parole supervision
    • Parole straight release directly into the community
    • Parole residential-halfway house or residential house
  • Probation
    • Straight probation
    • Suspended-sentence probation
    • A split sentence
    • Shock probation
    • Residential probation
  • Intensive Supervision Programs
  • Diversion

In your presentation, identify and define each of the programs listed above. What types of offenders qualify for these programs?

Next, research and identify one prominent or famous case for each of the following: parole, probation, and diversion. Identify the person, the crime and the sentence.

*Tutorials for using Microsoft PowerPoint can be found here.

Grading and Assessment

Presentation Requirements

  • 12-14 slides (not including title slide and references slides)
  • 100-150 words per slide (in notes area at the bottom of the slide)
  • Include a title slide and references slide
  • References (at least 2 library resources and 2 Internet resources)

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