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Imagine that a new education program was created to service inmates who do not hold a high school diploma. The inmate population is approximately 1500 on any given day, and only 10 percent are serving life sentences. The majority of inmates will be released within 3 years, and the average age of the inmate population is 19.

  • Since this is not a mandatory program, how should programmers determine the number of General Education Development (GED) instructors to hire?
  • What factors should be considered in determining the number of instructors hired to staff the education program? Should there be any restrictions in terms of inmate eligibility?

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page. Let’s learn how to cite sources using APA guidelines.

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The facility can have some kind of sign up sheets for the prisoners, or this information can be mandated by the counselors on who they think need the GED program, not all of the prisoners need the GED, some of them are on a life sentence and definitely won’t need that opportunity. And some of them already have a high school diploma or GED considering the average age is 19. I would see how many prisoners would be recommended by the counselors. See what kind of incentive would be available. There would need to be an incentive, time cut or get paid for going. In some federal prisons in order to be eligible to work and make some kind of income a GED is required. So that is where I would start to come up with a number of instructors that may be needed. There should be restrictions of course, a prisoner would have to qualify for the benefit of the GED, if there is a prisoner that is constantly getting in trouble or causing issues they should not be eligible, maybe a time served consideration as well. Like someone who has 3 years would benefit greatly to getting the GED for when they are released versus an inmate that has to serve 20 years. Completing the GED program may look good or help inmates that are going in front of probation or parole board, I think those should be considered first. There could be a lot of requirements and restrictions based upon the facility and the counselors and corrections officers should be able to come up with a way to determine eligibility for such a program. Again this is a privilege and everyone will not be eligible or even considered.

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