MSA CAPSTONE Data Analysis Research Paper STRICT TIMELINE, sociology homework help

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Ok, so the topic for this data analysis paper
will be:

Running Head: An Open Data Analysis on specific policy tools and the role of
public administration in reducing welfare caseloads.

(welfare caseloads consist of food-stamps, TANF, energy assistance programs, housing assistance programs, daycare assistance programs, etc.)

Please go in depth in this research study…include graphs and charts at the
end to support data analysis. Do extensive research to get your information. I’m also
attaching a sample MSA data analysis research that was approved by the school completed by another student.
You’ll need to follow the outline of this paper, as far as the format goes very closely:
table of contents, chapters, appendixes, cover page, etc. Please remember that
you cannot copy and re-word any content at all or plagiarize, it’s an automatic
FAIL for the class and I will not be able to graduate with my MSA degree,
this is my last class.  


1. Follow the example MSA paper for formatting and required sections 

2. Paper must be at least 20 pages long with at least 10 references.

3. NO PLAGIARISM (This paper will be put through all plagiarism checkers)

4. Include graphs and data analysis charts


1 Good Reference (find at least 9 more):

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