MQM 349 Business in a multicultural environment

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Reflection Paper: What I Know for Sure


The reflection paper should be written in the form of an essay and it should be at least two pages long (600 words; single- or double-spaced). The main purpose of this reflection paper is to show what you thought about a particular topic and/or event (an assigned reading, video, or guest presentation, etc.) in a creative, critical, skeptical or otherwise thoughtful manner. In this case, you are asked to reflect on your experience in MQM 349.

Your paper should include the following headings: Culture by the Lectures/Activities, Culture in Action, and Culture Overall. Use the guidelines under each heading for additional instructions as to what the section should include.

CULTURE by the Lectures/Activities

Briefly comment on the lectures, slides, and textbook. Explain what you thought of the material (e.g., content, cost, accessibility, readability, etc.). Did you read the textbook? What did you use to study? Did you read the additional content that was posted on Reggienet and/or distributed in class?

CULTURE in Action

Business in a Multicultural Environment seeks to take a focused look at understanding cultural differences, navigating intercultural encounters, and cultivating a global mindset. Discuss a topic that we studied that relates to your work or your personal life. How will you apply what you learned about the topic in class as you addressed the situation in the future? Mention class exercises that might be particularly helpful. Did any of your attitudes or behaviors change over the course of the class? If yes, please explain.


Of all of the discussions, assignments, lectures, etc. that we experienced in MQM 349 what did you enjoy most? What made it so enjoyable? What did you enjoy least? What made it so unpleasant? Do you feel better equipped to work and lead in a multicultural environment?

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