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1. Monitoring and controlling a project is a core activity for a
project manager. Provide an example of a project that was challenged by
control issues and describe what caused the situation. Explain what
could have been done to ensure that key elements such as the scope,
schedule, and cost were controlled.

2. Project management is a popular occupation in
contemporary business. Visit a few job websites (for
example, and other sources of information on the project
management occupation (for example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics).
What is the current status of project managers with regard to:

  • Opportunities
  • Salaries
  • Demographic trends around project management
  • Industries using project managers
  • Value of the PMP® certification from the PMI

3. The PMP® certification has been popular in the past

ten years. Apart from this certification, there are other project

management credentials or certifications available to project managers.

Which of these certifications appeal to you and why? What

other certifications are complementary to the PMP® certification?

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