Module 2 – SLPHRM AND MARKETING ICSC is “tweeting” RECon. Account holders on the social-networking service called Twitter will be able to receive updates (tweets, in Twitter parlance) about sessions,

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ICSC is “tweeting” RECon. Account holders on the social-networking service called Twitter will be able to receive updates (tweets, in Twitter parlance) about sessions, events, networking opportunities and new initiatives at RECon by signing up to follow ICSC_RECon. While on the ICSC_RECon page, participants can follow other Twitter-using RECon attendees as well.

From REITs and retailers to third-party mall managers, the shopping center world is virtually a-twitter over Twitter’s vast marketing potential, and that of other social-networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. Not only are young consumers already socializing en masse on these online stomping grounds, but also social media are emerging as a vastly cheaper and much more targeted marketing vehicle than newspapers and other traditional means. Sephora and Anthropologie routinely beef up sales with exclusive Twitter-only deals. Starbucks uses multiple social-media networks to help launch or test new products. Most retail REITS have recently launched social-media marketing programs or they are contemplating it. Macerich has been conducting a Twitter test for Kierland Commons, in Scottsdale, Ariz., spotlighting retailer discounts, book signings and other events for users who electively follow the doings there. The firm also has a Facebook page for Scottsdale Fashion Square. This year ICSC launched its own Facebook page.

It is no wonder that HR is bringing marketing into its repertoire of skills, especially regarding social media marketing. If an organization wants to attract young people, then they must go to where the young people are, and that is on social media. This is just one trend that has suddenly become the “in” way to contact potential new employees.

This SLP assignment is about this and other trends in this second decade of the 21st century.


Conduct research about the new marketing trends in the arena of Human Resources. One source to begin your research with is an article found at the website of HR Technologist: There are other related articles at the same website, HR Technologist that you might find useful for this assignment, too.

What 3 trends would you adopt for your employers HR marketing portfolio? Discuss these trends in detail, including a discussion of why they were selected. Is there something not found in your research that you think should be an HR recruitment trend?


Top 8 recruitment marketing trends for 2020 and beyond. (2019, November 12). HR Technologist.

Twitter. (2009). Twitter to spread the word at RECon. SCTWeek, 14(20), 5.

Your submission will include:

  • Cover page (with all required components)
  • A 2- to 3-page paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, responses to the questions, 3- to 4-sentence conclusion). A 2- to 3-page paper means the professor is looking for two full pages minimum.

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