mkt312 week 4 discussion and response

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Week 4 Discussion

“All-Time Favorite and Not So Much” Please respond to the following:

Note: Your initial discussion post and / or reply(ies) can be the traditional keyboarded entry, or you can use a video response (See the Job Aid in the Student Center of the online course).

  • Locate one (1) ad from the last three months that appeals to you and one (1) ad from the last three months that does not appeal to you. (Note: Students using the online discussion threads must provide a link to the ad. Students discussing in physical classrooms may simply summarize the ad.)
  • Explain why the ads do and do not appeal to you respectively. Discuss the relationship between the verbal and visual elements in each.


iel Scott

RE: Week 4 Discussion

Hello Everyone,

The ad that I really find myself giggling at is the Geico ad. A young lady who is looking into a condo or loft, and the neighbors on both sides of the vacant loft are yelling through the walls on why she should move into the building. The part on which I loved the most about this ad is “you get what you pay for”. Very upfront without having to have finalized the lease agreement and find out the noise level between the two neighbors. The gecko had suggested that they move on to the next property, since the neighbors on both sides were still going on in the heated discussion on who is the noisiest neighbor.

The relationship between the verbal and visual elements is how the vacant loft is very spacious, nice hard wood etc. It’s very good on the eyes, puts you in mind of an upscale area. On the verbal element, the noisy neighbors on both sides of the loft were very clear, you could clearly hear what they were saying through the walls. I think when people are in the market for finding a new place, having their own personal space and a quite environment is the key factors on deciding to move in or not. So to be able to hear the neighbors through the walls was a deal breaker in this situation.

The ad that I found myself not really did not appeal to me respectively would be the bud light commercial when there is obviously a battle going on. The common people thought they were saved by the Bud Knight coming riding over the hills in their direction. However, to come to find out that he parted the people just to go to the store to buy more Bud light. The knight then told the people he was going to a “friends 30th birthday party, and if they survived they should come over”.

I couldn’t believe that they made this commercial to be honest with you. Once I seen it all the way through, I immediately said “are you serious?” So I think this would be my least favorite commercial in the last 3 months. Overall, the verbal and visual relationship was spot on, you have the characters in the correct era attire. Live horses since that was the only way of transportation, bow and arrows, swords etc. Grassy field area for the battle to commence, I felt the verbal and visual relationship was there.

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