Michelangelo, history presentation help

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HelloHello I need help I have a presentation for Michelangelo artist. Following 1- Background and chronological development of the artist’s career:A- where and in what time period did the artist live?B-with whom did the artist train? C-what other influences did the artist have on his/her work?D-early works(3-4 examples) E-middle works( 3-4 examples) F-late works (3-4 examples) G-how did his art change over the course of their career?2- The art, Your presentation should answer these question about the artA- Most importantly: what style is it ( naturalistic baroque, etc)? What characteristics of this style are evident in the works? B- what is the date/ title of each work that you show? C- what medium / materials/ technique did the artist use? Do not repeat the same medium for each work. If all the works are done in oil on canvas, say this at the beginning.D- what was innovative about his work? E- patronage, I.e. Who bought their works/ supported their career? F- what subject matters did the artist focus on? We’re these common in the period? G- do not discuss the size of the works unless it is significant to the meaning H- do not even mention where the works are currently located. Who can help me? Thank you


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