Mental Disorders and Treatment

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Answer both choice 1 and choice 2 and label each choice

Choice 1

Consider the course reading about mental disorders, then pick a specific mental disorder and read one or two recent (within the last 6 years) articles about this condition:

  1. What interested you to read up on this disorder?
  2. Describe at least 3 key facts you learned about the disorder, such as misconceptions, suspected causes and risk factors.
  3. What most surprised you when reading about this condition? Was there anything you already knew to be factual about this disorder?
  4. How did learning about this mental disorder change your attitudes/reactions about people affected by this disorder?

Choice 2

Consider the different forms of psychotherapy discussed in the course reading materials:.

  1. Imagine you were selecting one of these psychotherapy methods to help another person.
  2. Which one would “feel” most preferable to you? Explain why this method seems more suitable than others?
  3. What is the evidence this method is effective and for what disorders is it most suitable?
  4. Finally, what would help you consider the benefits and risks for using psychiatric medications – either alone or along with psychotherapy?

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