Medical Errors

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According to Sollecito & Johnson (2013), “Organizations do not
suddenly start making mistakes. They tend to slide imperceptibly into a
set of conditions that produce medical errors” (p. 327).  After
completing this week’s reading discuss this concept as it relates to
quality patient outcomes. Answer the following questions:

a. In your opinion, do you believe that errors in the hospital setting are inevitable? Why or why not?
b. If the most frequent type of error is omitting a step in delivering
care (Sollecito & Johnson, 2013, p. 312), would it be better to
focus on the individual who omitted the step or the system in which they
work? Explain your answer.  
c. What role could being a “learning organization” play in reducing errors?  

Your initial post should be 250-300 words and utilize a minimum of two
scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library, cited in APA

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