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For this assignment, pick a media event to
analyze based on the social construction of reality. The authors of the
textbook are interested in the ways that media constructs, regulates,
and maintains the social relations among people. The ways in which
relations among individuals are constructed, and in which reality is
constructed by socially integrated individuals, are never fixed, but
instead are conditioned by the varying circumstances of history.

the ideas of structure and agency, analyze a media event to determine
how media coverage did or did not construct, regulate, and maintain the
social reality of the audience. Questions to keep in mind include:

  • What
    kinds of coverage were given or shown about the event? (You may want to
    look for printed, broadcast, and online coverage to get the full
    picture of the media event.)
  • In what ways did the media regulate
    and maintain the reality of the event? Did media reflect the reality of
    the event, or did it construct reality?
  • What legal or ethical
    issues were apparent in the coverage of the event? How did these issues
    affect, or not affect, the ways in which media constructs, regulates,
    and maintains the social relations among people?

In order to
back up your claims, be sure to define and incorporate terms from the
module lecture pages, as well as from the textbook readings and the
sources you find. Support your claims with external evidence from at
least three reputable sources.

Your paper must:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length.
  • Be well written.
  • Include at least three references from the readings or outside sources, cited in proper APA style.

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