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Write a 5-7 page commentary on the following three topics:

  • Address any changes you might make in your dating relationship/practices based on what you have learned. What characteristics are you looking for in a potential mate now? What do you plan to do to ensure that you marry the “right” mate (male) and have a happy, life-long marriage?
  • It is clear that Christians hold differing beliefs regarding family life and values. Discuss your beliefs and opinions about families in today’s post-modern society and the Christian’s response as well as the church’s response. Has your opinion changed since taking this course? (No) What might you do differently and/or encourage your church family to do differently? Have you experienced any negative feedback/interactions with Christians in regards to your own family life or experiences?
  • Using information from the texts and your own experiences, what do you believe to be two or three of the most important conditions needed for families, whether nuclear, single, or blended to achieve success?

The cover page and the reference page are not a part of the assigned 5-7 pages.

Use references from your textbooks to support your viewpoints (I will send these for you to incorporate). You are required to cite at least 2 sources and all sources must be properly cited in text and on a reference page.

Write your paper in Microsoft Word and format it according to APA guidelines.

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