Marketing Strategy: Multiattribute Table

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In Excel, use spreadsheets to calculate each segment’s attitude towards the brand across the seven
features. Print out three separate charts (one for each segment) that show the calculations and overall
attitudinal score for each brand.Questions:

1. An individual from segment A is currently considering purchasing from one of the ten brands.
According to the data, which two brands would s/he likely have the strongest attitude towards?
Which brand does s/he have the lowest attitude towards?

2. What are the multiattribute scores for Tesla for segments A, B and C?

3. How do the three segments differ in terms of the relative importance of the various product
features when evaluating brands?

4. For segment B, which has a higher evaluation – Tesla or Mercedes Benz? How about for
segment C? What explains the difference?

5. For segment C, what is Tesla’s main competitive advantage? Explain.

6. For segment B, what would be a false advantage for Mercedes Benz? Explain.

7. Based on the data from the multiattribute table, what would you recommend that Tesla change
to attract more consumers from segment B away from Mercedes Benz? (ie. Where do they need
to improve their scores?)

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