Marcus Engel “I’m Here-compassionate communication in patient care” reflection paper

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This is a higher order written assignment done in full APA format including a title page, abstract, a running head, and page headers (not required for the journals). If you quote from the book, there must be an in-text citation for each quote. All APA applications as stated above must be used.

Note: Title page, abstract, and reference page =3 pages; 2-3 pages double-spaced text for a total of 5-6 pages.

The objectives of this assignmentare to reflect on the patient’s experience and the interactions between caregivers and patient. Explain what impressed you the most (positively or negatively), reflect on what you gained from reading this story and how that affects your understanding of nursing professionalism and nursing practice. How did the reading help you to understand the “art” of nursing practice?Readability statistics required with submissions.

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