Manufacturing Budgets and posts, accounting homework help

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Use the following Excel Template to complete your assignment for this week: Excel Template.

Given financial information, prepare Coopie Awards’ master

budget. Notice, you will prepare a different budget on each tab of the

spreadsheet. The last tab in the spreadsheet you will complete for the

discussion forum.

part 2 both posts need to be 100 words or more

The president of Coopie Awards was analyzing the actual and budgeted
results of operations for the current year. She noticed several
favorable variances and gave accolades to the production manager in a
meeting. She also noticed that the sales variance was unfavorable and
spent considerable time questioning the sales vice president. She
stated: “If production hadn’t managed costs so well to cover for your
lack of sales we would have racked up quite a large net loss for the

For your initial post, discuss your reaction to the president’s
comments, meeting demeanor, and professionalism. Would you have handled
the situation the same if you were her? If not, what would you have done
differently? Why?

After taking some time to reflect on the written assignment for
the week regarding budget creation and variance analysis, address the
following for your second post: Do you agree with the president’s
comments regarding the management of production costs and the lack of
sales? Please explain your position. Study the last tab of your budget
assignment spreadsheet and complete a flexible budget on the tab. Where
were costs actually in line and where were they out of line? What could
have been done to produce more favorable numbers? Note that you will
need to complete this tab before submitting your assignment to the drop
box so your instructor can see your flexible budget.

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