Management Concepts Discussion 5

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“Global Management
and Organizational Systems”

  • Indicate three (3) organizational changes that the global market
    impacts overall, such as technology, virtual teams, outsourcing, strategy
    development, trading laws, regulations, etc. Focus on organizational changes
    that require managers to operate from an international perspective. Support
    your responses with one to two (1-2) examples that may include becoming
    culturally competent, diversity management, adaptation, etc.

  • From the e-Activity, determine one to two (1-2) factors that
    make your chosen company’s culture different from that of other organizations.
    Next, explain at least one (1) unique quality that the selected company
    possesses that enables its employees to perform well within its particular type
    of organizational design.

    • e-Activity: Using the Internet and Strayer databases, research
      the organizational design and culture of a company that you admire most.

Global Management and Organizational Systems

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