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Essay original requirement:

For this assignment, you’ll do some “field investigation” to learn more about public health in action, Choose a public health issue that you feel particularly passionate or curious about, and then research a local, national, or global organization that is addressing this issue. Do as much behind the scenes research as you can, and if possible, try and arrange a site visit or phone interview with someone who works at the organization to learn even more. Write a 4 page (approx) paper, Powerpoint, OR video presentation providing an informative overview of the organization exposing its origins, mission, the types of public health projects it is working on, its primary beneficiaries, funding source(s), the geographic scope of its work, and a bit about how it is staffed (you may even investigate if they host college interns!).

In addition, you will want to examine the most pressing current issues (both threatening and positive forces) affecting the organization and its mission. On the last day that we meet, you’ll be sharing a brief overview about the organization with the class.

Editing and changing part of this essay is allowed, but keep the main idea.

thank you

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