Leverage Buyouts – The Case of RJR Nabisco

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Assignment #4: Leveraged Buyouts- the Case of RJR Nabisco

Use the following resources for this assignment.

Some background information about the buyout:

Detailed analysis of the case (attached article):

“RJR Nabisco: A Case Study of a Complex Leveraged Buyout” (Financial Analyst Journal, 1991)

Read the case carefully then answer the following review questions:

  • A brief summary of the case.
  • Why is the company a good LBO candidate?
  • What were the valuations? What methods were used to find the valuations?
  • How did the buyout turn out for KKR’s investors and other stakeholders?

Please submit each questions half page, a full 2-page (not longer than 3 pages, not including references; Do NOT write your name and course information in the report, no title). Use the formatting as of this document (1” margin, Times New Roman font size 12, 1.5- space).


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