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Two incomes, no time: The struggle is real for many working parents, survey finds


  • Please read an account from an individual or a group that is dissimilar than your own. Imagine they were someone you care about and they were coming to you support. Read their account and write them a letter of support. Separately, you should answer the questions in italics as a reflection. Your letter should:
  • Demonstrate that you have taken their perspective. If you are struggling to take their perspective, what makes you resistant? is there any evidence or experience that might help you take their perspective?
  • Demonstrate that you heard their concerns: if this is someone close to you, how can you listen and not dismiss their issue even if it might make you uncomfortable? How did their concerns make you feel?
  • Communicate that you believe their concerns are valid or not? Why or Why not? Even if you disagree, how can you still acknowledge their perspective?
  • If this person in the story was a friend or a family member, what would you tell them to do next? How do you think that would make them feel?

What would be different if this was not another person, but that it happened to you?

2. Add one question. This should be a question you have about the election, either local or federal and on any issue or race. For instance: How would the Texas proposition to increase minimum wage affect service workers who rely on tips?


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