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 Question for the Week: Influence, Power, & Politics


Modules 1 and 2 went by so fast. Think about all of the principles and practices that you’ve learned along the way. Many of which lead up the the principles and practices discussed this week in Module 3. Take a moment to reflect on your perception of Influence. What does “influence” mean to you? Is it the same for leadership, management, and employees? You may be thinking about past situations in which “influence” occurred. Now, think about the term “power”. What does “power” mean to you? Is it similar, yet different than “influence”? What about “politics” (within the scope of organizational politics) – what does the term “politics” mean to you? These are are thought provoking initial questions to think about before starting the discussion question. In your initial post, address the following questions: 

  1. Define influence.
  2. Briefly compare and contrast the leadership, management, and employee influence.
  3. Identify the five major components of influence and an area(s) of influence that you have or would like to have in your professional career. 
  4. Next, view Sinek (2014) Why good leaders make you feel safe TED Talk. Identify how the principles made in this TED Talk can apply to leadership influence. 

NOTE: There are ample resources to aid you in completing this discussion question with aligned and supported resources. You can access those resources under the Course Media page. However, you will need to do additional research to aid you in identifying the five major components of influence. 

Be sure to use proper citations and APA formatting in your posts. It is essential to give credit where credit is do for your online sources, i.e. cite the sources you found and do not copy and paste information from the web into your post and call it your own work – that is a plagiarism. If you have issues with citations or are confused on how to cite, it is encouraged to schedule an appointment with online tutor or writing lab. It is also encouraged to research that information online as well, i.e. how to properly cite information a source according to APA formatting, or what is and what is not plagiarism?

i just need 250 and above words for the above topic.


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