Lab report: Newton’s Second Law

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The Lab Report and Discussion activities have two components, both of which must be satisfactorily met to be awarded full credit.

  1. The lab report must be submitted in the discussion forum utilizing the format below, based on the results of the respective experiment(s).
  2. Responses to and comments on your classmates’ lab reports must be made within the module period. Comments/responses will be made on at least two different lab reports, utilizing the directions provided below.

The single most important requirement for a laboratory report is clarity. It should be written in such a way that someone who has been unable to conduct the experiment would be able to clearly understand what was done, the results, and why it mattered.

All lab reports should be:

  • concise, clear, and contain the necessary details for a well-developed explanation.
  • well organized so the reader is able to quickly find the information needed or of interest.
  • relevant and rational so the reader is able to validate the summary or conclusion.

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