Key Issues with HCO Professionals

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  1. Read Chapter 6 & 7 in The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization.
  2. Write a three page paper, not including your title page and reference page, answering the following questions taken from The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization:
    1. Some flash points in clinical staff relations are recurring and predictable. In an interview for a new position, you are asked, “How should our HCO deal with these issues?
      1. Interspecialty disputes: orthopedics and imaging, surgery and cardiology, or nonphysicians and physicians? (p. 182)
      2. Emergency referrals: Providing specialist care to emergency patients, who often arrive at inconvenient times and without insurance or financing? (p. 182)
      3. Impaired or obstructive clinical staff members? (p. 182)
  3. In the paper, be sure to:
    1. Evaluate the effects of commitment to measured performance, an adequate replacement capital budget, and an attractive work site on these issues.
    2. Apply biblical principles where appropriate.
    3. Defend your position, citing any research and/or evidence to support your arguments.
  4. Your paper should include at least three citations from the textbook, articles, or other credible sources. Your citations must be in proper APA format.

NOTE: Please read instructions carefully. I currently don’t have this book.

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