intro assignment /Bureaucracy (Chapter 15 of American Government)

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Question 1

A bureaucracy is an administrative group of ______ officials charged with carrying out functions connected to a series of policies and programs.





Question 2

____ are the individuals who work in the bureaucracy.


Civil servants


Paper pushers

Core engineers

Question 3

All of the following is true about the bureaucracy except

the word “bureaucracy” does not appear in the text of the Constitution

the Founders seemed to have anticipated the bureaucracy through such constitutional sections as Article II, Section 2

other countries’ governing documents have sections dedicated to the scope and size of the bureuacracy

Article VI of the Constitution provides for a federal bureaucracy

Question 4

Washington’s tenure as president saw the creation of all of the following departments except





Question 5

These two developments led to the growth of the bureaucracy. They were

the spoils system and industrialization

the establishment of the public education system and the Civil War

modernization of agriculture and the establishment of the public education system

industrialization and modernization of agriculture

Question 6

The ____ of 1883 effectively ended the spoils system, ensuring that the federal government’s selection, retention, and promotion practices were based on open, competitive examinations in a merit system.

Anti-Patronage Law

Anti-Trust Law

Sherman Act

Civil Service Reform Act

Roosevelt clause

Question 7

The person who is often considered the father of U.S. public administration was

Theodore Roosevelt

Howard Taft

Franklin Roosevelt

Benjamin Harrison

Woodrow Wilson

Question 8

All of the following marked great bureaucratic growth in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries except

the Interstate Commerce Commission

the Civil Rights Commission

the Federal Reserve Board

the Federal Power Commission

the Federal Trade Commission

Question 9

In the 1930s, the federal bureaucracy grew with the addition of all of the following except

the Medicare Commission

the Social Security Administration

the National Labor Relations Board

the Securities and Exchange Commission

the Civil Aeronautics Board

the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Question 10

By 1940, approximately ____ U.S. workers were employed in the federal bureaucracy.






Question 11

_____ said that “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Ronald Reagan

Richard Nixon

Dwight Eisenhower

Herbert Hoover

George H.W. Bush

Question 12

The ____ Act’s main provision prohibited bureaucrats from actively engaging in political campaigns and from using their federal authority via bureaucratic rank to influence the outcomes of nominations and elections.


Lloyd-La Follette



Question 13

Today, the majority of all federal government jobs are NOT filled through mandatory testing.



Question 14

According to Figure 15.8, civil servants’ salaries can range from

$20,623 to $200,020

$22,941 to $113,444

$18,343 to $133,444

$15,420 to $250,431

Question 15

According to Max Weber, the ideal type of bureaucracy was one in which agencies are all of the following except

run by the two major parties

hierarchically organized


governed by formal procedures

Question 16

The newest cabinet department is

Homeland Security


Housing and Urban Development

Veterans Affairs

Question 17

Some prominent independent agencies include all of the following except

the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

the U.S. Postal Service

the Central Intelligence Agency

the Environmental Protection Agency

Question 18

Two examples of government corporations are

the United Parcel Service and Fed Ex

Greyhound and the United Parcel Service

Amtrak and Greyhound

the U.S. Postal Service and Amtrak

Question 19

While citizens may frequently criticize ____, these devices are really meant to ensure the bureaucracies function as intended.

black tape



red tape

Question 20

Congress’s most powerful oversight tool of the federal bureaucracy is the

Bureaucratic Accountability Office

Government Sunshine Office

Government Accountability Office

Bureaucratic Sunshine Office

Question 21

The Freedom of Information Act of 1966 emerged during the ______ administration and provides journalists and the general public the right to request records from various federal agencies.

Richard Nixon

Andrew Johnson

Franklin Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

Lyndon Johnson

Question 22

In fiscal year 2015, the government received 713,168 Freedom of Information Act requests, with the following three departments accounting for more than half of those requests.

Justice, Education, and State

Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice

Homeland Security, Justice, and Education

State, Veterans Affairs, Education

Question 23

When those in government speak of privatization, they are often refer to all of the following except

collaborating with a private entity to finance a government program

supplying government grants to private organizations to administer government programs

fully divesting the government of a function and directly giving it to the private sector

abolishing all government functions at both the state and national levels, except for policing and national security

using contractors to supply goods and/or services

distributing government vouchers with which citizens can purchase formerly government-controlled services on the private market

Question 24

A ____ is a person who publicizes misdeeds committed within a bureaucracy or other organization.





Question 25

When bureaucrats encounter grey areas, many follow the federal _____ to propose a solution, that is, detailing how particular new federal policies, regulations, and /or programs will be implemented in agencies.

common sense rule making process

negotiated rule making process

sunshine rule making process

notice-and-comment rule making process

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