Internship proposal form

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This is an internship proposal form, and I will upload the example for you, also I already started a little bit about the proposal, you can continue with that, if you do not know the specific number of each department you can just leave a blank with that. Please write according the information about this milk tea shop on the Yelp, you can find the information about each department onlinebut please make sure don’t just copy from the internet you can write with your own word, and please make sure no plagiarism, thank you very much.


• Does it state the name of the internship site (name of the company)?

• Are the rotations and hours for each listed in a bulleted list?

• Are the rotations listed distinct from each other?

• Do the hours match the internship format? (Paid = 200 vs. Unpaid = 90) • Are the rotations at least a minimum of 15 hours each?

• Do the dates match the program dates?

Department Overview Do the overviews provide information specific to these departments (include department functions, number of employees, types of activities/projects)?

Program Components (Training and Tasks)

Is there a bulleted list of training and tasks for each department?

• Do each of the bullets address something different?

• Are the bullets robust enough to justify rotations?

• Is it clear how you are being trained to complete the tasks?


Learn about reports generated in the office.


Shadow Hotel Accounting Clerks to gain an understanding of the reports run through the office including Revenue Per Available Room, Daily Occupancy Report, Pool Services Income Statement, and Spa & Salon Income Statement. Learning Outcomes Is there a bulleted list of learning outcomes for each department?


Learn more about accounting. EFFECTIVE EXAMPLE Be able to apply knowledge gained in accounting classes to real-world operations. General • Is the document proofread with no grammatical or spelling errors? • Does the learning agreement make logical sense?

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