intercultural communication

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1. Essays are designed to encourage you to reflect on your personal experiences with interculturalcommunication as you proceed through this course. Each essay should be 4 page typed pages in length, include a cover sheet and reference page. The essay is graded on 1) your ability to apply theories, ideas, and terms from class reading and discussion; 2) clarify and articulation of the intercultural communication concepts and ideas; and 3) APA and references. This assignment is 200 points total (20% of the total grade)

2. Newspaper Reflection: Select one co-culture to focus on and discuss how individuals and groups are depicted in the news. Consider representations of race/color, gender, class, sexuality, age, (dis)ability, international communities, etc. Reflect on the experiences of the people shown in the news and addresses the ways in which their interests come to be represented publicly. Read the news section of current national newspapers for three days. It can be the Washington Post, The New York Times, LA Times, and Sacramento Bee, etc. Do not use any tabloids for this assignment. If a newspaper is the only experience we have with people who are “different,” then what do we come to “learn” about them? Please make sure to include cities of the articles, w/dates. Use the DIE approach (Describe, Interpret, and Evaluate) to answer the following questions:” What are the experiences of the people depicted?” “How are they portrayed?” “How does that affect our perceptions?

3. I need a high mark please follow attached file of mark scheme.

4. I am an international student in California

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