Instructions: In this course, we have learned about identifying a research topic, purpose, and research question. For this assignment, you will be identifying a research topic, creating a set of resea

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Instructions: In this course, we have learned about identifying a research topic, purpose, and research question. For this assignment, you will be identifying a research topic, creating a set of research questions, and explaining the potential implications of your research questions. Follow the instructions below.

Prompt 1. In one paragraph: (1) Identify and describe a criminal justice-related research topic that interests or engages you. You can pick any research topic so long as it is related to criminal justice. (2) Develop two research questions based on your research topic. Ensure the research questions can be answered ethically and are measurable (worth 10 points).

Prompt 2. In a paragraph: Describe the implications of your research questions. In other words, why are your research questions important? Why should we care about investigating this topic through these research questions? Who does this research impact? In detail, ‘sell’ the importance of this topic and research questions. Use peer-reviewed studies to support your explanation of the importance of these questions (worth 10points).

Grammar/Mechanics/Formatting/APA/References: See below (worth 5 points).

Guidelines/Grammar/Formatting/APA/References: Use Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double-spaced paragraphs, and include APA citations/references. Make sure you proofread what you have written prior to submission.

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