Insight into Consumer Decision Making

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LP1.2 Assignment: Insight Into Consumer Decision Making – 3-D TV

This assignment will assess the following competency: 4. Demonstrate the ability to exhibit sound marketing decision-making.

Directions: Read the mini-case at the end of chapter two in your textbook and answer the following:

  1. Quickly glance at the chart provided in the mini case and then record what TV you would be most likely to buy.
  2. On what criteria do you think you based that decision?
  3. Along the left side of the table there are nine attributes listed. Which of these attributes do you find the least informative? Cross off the row of this attribute. Continue this process until one attribute is left. hare what attribute is remaining and explain how you arrived at this decision.
  4. Now look at what brand you think might be the riskiest to buy. Eliminate that column. Continue to do so until only one column remains. Share the brand you determined to be the least riskiest to buy and explain how you arrived at this answer.
  5. Taking into consideration only the price of each television, which television would you be most likely to buy? Considering the exercises performed in questions three and four do you feel you would be happy with your price-based choice? If no, why not?
  6. Considering all of the information you have collected, what brand of television would you select? How does this choice define you as a consumer?

Write a paper, using a minimum of 400 words to explain the answers to each of the questions. Remember, this is to be a paper, written in the appropriate format, and not to be written in a question and answer format. You must use your textbook as a resource, but no other scholarly research is required. However, you may use additional scholarly resources. All of your references must be included on your reference page and also must be cited in the body of your paper. Your reference page and citations must be done in APA formatting.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP1.2 Assignment: Insight Into Consumer Decision Making – 3-D TV. This assignment is worth 50 points. Grading will be based on the General Writing Rubric, located under “Course Information.” (The General Writing Rubric is designed for 100-point assignments. Your instructor will adjust the points for this assignment accordingly.)

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