Inside Out Movie psychology work

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Inside Out Movie

I found the model really a fun way to think of inner dialogue, especially at the end with the animals. They worked with five emotions instead of the eight in Plutchik’s psycho-evolutionary model. They use joy, sad, disgust, anger and fear. Each has a defined purpose in Riley’s life and reside in the &Headquarters& of Riley’s mind.
He uses:
It would have been too complicated and needlessly distracting trying to deal with all of them. In addition there is the concept of her memories in spheres colorized by the linked emotions but especially her core memories. Then they have her beliefs set up as islands, each reflecting a different aspect of Riley’s personality: Family Island, Friendship Island, Hockey Island, Honesty Island, and Goofball Island.

For this assignment you are to complete the following items and embed them in a 5 page paper plus a title page, abstract page, and reference page. All APA guidelines must be followed. Include in-text citations throughout your paper. Times New-Roman and a 12 point font. 1 inch margins

How has the movie confirmed, rejected, or enlightened your own psychological awareness, if at all.

Incorporate the bold words in your paper.

Choose at least three different theories in your book to discuss the various emotions and personalities seen throughout the film.

Describe the islands and explain what these anchors mean in personality and development.

Discuss the level of cognitive and emotional development in during childhood years and how it changes.

What do the core memories have to do with Riley’s personality?

When Sadness touches one of the happy core memories, she colors it blue. What do you think is going on then? Is it possible that our current moods can color our past memories? Or how we define our personality? Use the theories in your textbook to support your answer.

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