Information Resources and Discussion Question

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For each of the following information resources except for the last resource follow the instructions below:

Write an original description (in your own words; do not copy and paste from the website) that includes:

  • Producer of the source
  • Key features (note: provide more than just a listing)
  • Modalities the source is available (i.e. mobile app, website)
  • 1) 15points-CINAHL Complete
  • 2)15 points-ClinicalKey
  • 3)15points – DynaMed
  • 4) 15 points- Cochrane Library
  • 5) 15 points- Gideon
  • 6) 15 points – MedlinePlus
  • 7) 15points – Micromedex
  • 8) 15 points –PubMed
  • 9) 15points – UpToDate
  • 10) 15points – VisualDX
  • 11) 15 points – Go to 20 Best EHR Software Companies for Electronic Health Records – (Links to an external site.)Select two electronic health records software (EHR) of your choice and compare their features.


    Answer the provided discussion question in 300-500 (12 point font, double-spaced) words and cite at least three (3) readings (no more than 2 from the textbook) from Modules 3 & 4. In-text citations and the list of references should follow APA 7th edition style. You will be graded on the organization and content of the submission, use of APA format, and originality.

    Discussion Question 2

    “How is data science related to the field of medical informatics?”

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