Inductive Logic

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Constructing arguments using inductive logic is a key component of critical thinking. This assignment has two parts. You already created a draft of this paper, outlining three policies you consider important for improving your profession, your working environment, or the performance of your company or division. In the first part of this assignment, you will use your draft to write an office memorandum employing three methods of inductive argumentation:

  • Arguments using analogies.
  • Generalizations from samples.
  • Causal statements.

Your memo will contain two examples of each of these causal arguments.

In the second part, you will write an accompanying commentary on your office memorandum in which you:

  • Identify and explain how each of your arguments is an instance of one of the three types of inductive argument listed. Cite specific features of your arguments that warrant their classification as an argument using analogies, a generalization from samples, or a causal argument.
  • Explain why each of your arguments is a valid instance of that type: show how and why it exemplifies the type of inductive argument under which it is classified.

Additional Instructions:

Create a 4 page memo in APA format. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to use in-text citations.

The draft to incorporate in the assignment will be in the link below.

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