In scrummage, within yourproject, create 30 user stories following the format described in Rubin and the required reading or from the lecture slides on user stories. Put the user stories into the backlog of your project.

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Unit 8 – Final Project User Stories

After a product vision statement is created for a new product, user stories are written based on that product vision. The product vision is the high level view of the product created by the product owner. User stories are created by the product owner and/or the scrum team. The user stories describe the functionality a user wants in the product. User stories also include acceptance criteria which define how a product owner knows the user story has been implemented. This assignment is to create 30 user stories each within 1 acceptance criteria for the product vision which you created in the last assignment. (please see the last work of yours)

In scrummage, within yourproject, create 30 user stories following the format described in Rubin and the required reading or from the lecture slides on user stories. Put the user stories into the backlog of your project.

Previous Assignment

please write the user stories based on this as this is continuous assignment.

Final Project Vision Statement

1.Product Name

This is a simple integrated software product that keeps records of all meetings, appointments dates, and other official and non-official errands. It then notifies the owner of the smart device, usually through a text message on when such meetings or appointments will occur and the location of the sessions. It also keeps records of essential dates and notifies the owner when time is due.

The product is an exceptional feature as it could get integrated with our calendars in our smart devices, email systems, booking systems as well as other safe softwares for maximum results.

It is an excellent product as the client will never miss an important appointment or meeting, thereby gradually increasing the effectiveness of people around the world of business, among other social activities.

It could get integrated with a booking system, email marketing services, facebook, twitter, or any other social media platform that an individual could be using. It is an integral part of communication in the world today, especially where the world has become a global village, and most of the conversations take place through the internet connection.

2. Is there an existing product or product which will compete with this product? If so, what are they?

Yes. We have identified several products that could compete with our products. Some of them had been established earlier before our product got created. These include,, Take me with you, Tomorrow is Here and Go with me

3. Write a product vision using one of the formats in Essential Scrum book pages 292-293

Dear Client, You don’t need to worry anymore about those clients. We have taken care of them for you! Smile at your Next sale!

4. What are the 5 features of the product

1.Simple to use: The software is a well-built product that is user-friendly. The human user interface is well programmed and human-centered on maximizing its potential and suiting the clients’ needs. The user can easily navigate from one end to the other comfortably without requiring any special skills

2.Eye-catching: the software is developed by professional designers who understand that different people have different needs. It is, therefore, loaded with different colors and themes to suit your everyday mood.

3.Ability to reschedule: We understand that sometimes, you need to reschedule your meetings to go for other errands. We have then integrated an easy user interface that lets you reschedule your meeting alongside with the time frame of your liking making it have the best experience ever

4.No adds: the world of the internet today is full of annoying ads. We have listened to complaints from different customers. Our software is free from any annoying adds that may make you feel like rescheduling that meeting. We care for you!

5.Safe to use: Cybersecurity has been an issue in the world today. We understand the threat that comes along with the use of the internet. We, therefore, have decided to encrypt our software from end to end to ensure that your personal information is safe and remains private as it should be.

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