In 200-300 words discuss the Epicuruss argument

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In 200-300words discuss the Epicurus’s arguments against the existence of God, and give your own response to Epicurus’s arguments.Make sure that you respond to another student’s post In 100 words. I have written another student post below.You can read that and respond.

Students post

Epicurus’s argument is that if there is evil in the world and there is a all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good god. He would argue that if God knows about evil and has the power to stop it but doesn’t then he isn’t a good God. As well if God has the power and doesn’t stop evil then maybe God isn’t all-powerful. They would also say that maybe God isn’t knowledgeable to know about the evil happening. These are things that would be argued against God. But just because evil is happening doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. A lot of the evil committed is moral evil. This is evil that is committed by humans on purpose. God gives us free will, which means we can do whatever we want. Now a lot of people have taken that and have committed evil acts. Evil exist so we can understand what good is. Just like how you wouldn’t know what pleasure is with out pain and you wouldn’t know what warm felt like without being cold first or vice versa. Now maybe God didn’t create us all oft he way and left a small flaw in every single one of us, and he puts us in our imperfect world to toughen us up. This Theodicy is called the soul making theodicy thought of by John Hick.

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